01 October, 2009

Climate Change

Letter sent to Sydney Morning Herald 01.10.09
Malcolm Turnbull faces the classic politician's dilemma. Do I respond to public opinion, however misinformed, or do I act proactively, demonstrate real leadership and risk my party going down in the process?

Once again Senator Ron Boswell, with support from Senator Barnaby Joyce, has chosen the leadership route.

Consider this-
The link between anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (in particular) and atmospheric warming is far from proven, in fact it appears disproven. The science is NOT settled.
The very name CARBON POLLUTION REDUCTION SCHEME (CPRS) is at best misleading. Carbon is not a pollutant, but an essential part of life.
Even if both these assertions are wrong, if Australia stopped all of its emissions immediately the effect would be negligible. So why should we impose the admitted damage to our economy and our global competitiveness, for negligible global benefit, when it appears the major emitters are likely to do very little. We should certainly wait and see what the majors do before acting.
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