17 November, 2011

MDB Water-Two Contradictory Quotes

Quote - 
"A very uneven distribution of water resources across Australia and high year-to-year variability  means that water resources in some regions are fully or over allocated, while others remain largely undeveloped" 
CSIRO Water -Science and Solutions for Australia, 2011 

Given allocations are not fixed but made subject to availability, how can anyone argue that water resources are over allocated?? Sure, irrigators face great uncertainty because of Australia's variable rainfall. It is the system of allocations that we use to deal with the variability'

A great quote-
"Perhaps more than any other parts of the Australian economy, farmers understand uncertainty. They live with uncertainty about rainfall and growing conditions. They live with uncertainty about the costs of their key inputs. And, of course, they live with uncertainty about the world prices for their outputs. It is this ability to deal with uncertainty that is one of the strong and enduring characteristics of the Australian farming sector. 

Philip Lowe, Assistant Governor (Economic), Reserve Bank of Australia

 I think claims of over allocation are nonsensical! What do you think? Am I missing something? 
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