10 April, 2013

The Global Warming Policy Foundation

This organisations name keeps coming up in my reading, including an excellent recent paper on world energy.

This morning I had a look at their website http://www.thegwpf.org/ and was very impressed with the people on the Board of Trustees and the Academic Advisory Council, several of whom I have met personally. Freeman Dyson, Nigel Lawson, James Spooner, Lord Fellowes, Mat Ridley, Deepak Lal, Ross McKitrick, Richard Lindzen, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer-not bad for starters.

Whilst most of them would be classified as climate change sceptics (like most really intelligent people!), they claim open mindedness in respect to the unsettled science. Their focus is more on the policy positions which should (or should not) be adopted. Chairman Lord (Nigel) Lawson has consistently argued for an "adaptation position" rather than trying to take costly actions to physically change the climate. Their mission and history statement spells it out.

They clearly produce well researched work and I commend the Foundation to you. Have a look at their website.
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